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Pandora's Dream Style


Bella Vita Ring Candles are hand poured with love using only earth friendly materials. We put a unique twist on a common product for an unforgettable experience. Inside each one of our Bella Vita Ring Candles is a beautiful ring worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000.  We know you can't wait to discover your new gem!  Simply light the wick, and enjoy the highest quality fragrance.  Once the ring foil is revealed, extinguish the flame, wait for the wax to cool, and remove the foil.  Unwrap your beautiful new ring, and enjoy the rest of your Bella Vita Ring Candle.


All soy is not created equal.  At Bella Vita Ring Candles we use the highest quality soy available, so rest assured knowing that our wax (is): 


  • 100% vegetable, made with pure

      soybean oil, guaranteed!
  •  Is all natural and biodegradable.
  •  Is manufactured meeting US FDA

  •  Is Kosher Certified.
  •  Is not tested on animals.
  •  Contains no animal products.
  •  Contains no palm wax.
  •  Contains no petroleum, paraffin or

      beeswax products.
  •  Contains no pesticides and no herbicides
  •  Contains no toxic materials.
  •  Contains no Genetically Modified Material
  •  Is GRAS under the US Federal Food,

     Drug and Cosmetic Act.




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