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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, we encourage you to send us an email.  We will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your message.

How much is my ring worth?


All rings worth $100 or more will be accompanied by a piece of paper telling you the value of your ring. If your ring did not come with a tag, then you discovered one of our beautiful $10 rings.   




Why are there air bubbles around the outside of my candle?


We ask you to embrace the imperfections of pure 100% natural soy.  Soy candles are not perfect looking.  That's is how you can tell a candle is, in fact, 100% natural soy.  Only candles blended with paraffin or other toxic materials will have the look of a perfect candle.  Soy is malleable and will move in different temperatures.

Why is the top of my candle wet?

If your candle is sitting in a hot room, or by a window in the sun, the soy will melt a little.  Don't worry though, as soon as the temperature in the room gets cooler, or you move it out of the sun, it will take shape again.  In addition, sometimes the fragrance oil doesn't bind completely with the soy, and a small amount will rise to the top of your candle. You can either leave it there and continue to burn your candle, or you can wipe it out.  Either way, your candle will still have the same high quality fragrance throughout the burn.  

How long will my candle burn?

Soy candles burn slower than candles made with paraffin wax.  If you follow the directions on the warning label, your Bella Vita Ring Candle will burn up to 180 hours. If you burn your candle longer than 4 hours at a time, the total burn time will be less.  We run several tests on our candles to ensure we have the proper sized wick for each fragrance.  Some fragrances will have a smaller wick to ensure the candle doesn't burn too hot or the flame doesn't get too big.   

Why is there black soot on my candle?

Black soot can be caused by a number of different variables.  We use a the Libbey 21oz Status Jar for our candles.  The tall cylindrical nature of this jar does not allow the heat to escape as easily as with shorter, wider candle jars.  This can cause black soot. Other variables include, the wick may be too long, or there is too much fragrance in the candle.  We are constantly making improvements to our fragrances and wicks, so please send us feedback on your experience.

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